Server Clustering

Server Clustering

Server cluster is a technology that allows you to keep your business running even after the failure of one of your critical server. This is a technology that helps grouping together independent servers running on windows server 2003, enterprises or data center edition, which are working as a single system, to provide availability of services for clients and reduce the downtime. When a system fails in cluster, it gets redirected to another and distributes the workload. The main use of cluster server is to ensure the users have stable access to important server-based resources. It is made for applications that are long running in memory state or frequently updated data. Main use of server clustering includes print servers, database servers, messaging servers and file servers.

Server clusters work on a concept known as load balancing that allows distribution of the workload across a number of servers. The main benefit of cluster hosting is that you are not dependent on just one server and need not worry about bandwidth, disk space and heavy traffic. You will never again need to deal with the customers who are claiming that things are running slow.

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