Load Balancing

Load Balancing Services

Load balancing is the process to distribute the amount of work that is conducted by a system between a numbers of different computer systems to increase the speed. It is usually completed using a cluster of computer servers that may or may not be located in the same location. There are many businesses that have realized the benefits of using load balancing and the implemented the services. Companies that are offering online services and have large number of transactions using internet are the prime candidates to use load balancing services.

Load balancing are managed by dedicated program or hardware devices. Load balancing is based on two web server scheme. When one of the web server get overload then the other web server share the work and execute the request and assigned with the service time in order to handle multiple request without causing traffic. Each process is given specific time in the server for execution and the process cannot stay no more in the server once the service time is exceeded. The services time is reduced when load balancer works activity.

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