Document Management:-

A document management system is a tool which is used to manage and control your office documents in a more streamlined fashion by converting them into electronic format and adding suitable metadata for easy retrieval when required. Most organizations have to deal with bulk paper files and documents, the storage of which requires dependency on store keepers and large, well conditioned store rooms. By converting the documents into electronic format, we can ensure safe storage of the documents and easier retrieval.

What if there is a fire accident at your office premises and the store rooms get burned down? What if there is an earthquake and the paper files get buried under the rubble? What if the storekeeper leaves the company without a proper knowledge transfer session? Or worse, what if he suddenly passes away?

The answer to all of the above questions is only one, you are in serious trouble. The most important asset for any organization is the information they hold with them. As long as their information can be retrieved, they can recover from any mishap however terrible it might have been. (1988)