ASSET MANAGEMENT Asset Management Solutions helps your company to track, monitor, service

Asset Management

Asset Management Solutions helps your company to track, monitor, service and maintain any asset irrespective of their geographic location. It helps and enables the technicians to address any concern that a user might be facing remotely quickly as every information is available centrally with just a click of the mouse.

An asset management tool that delivers proven ROI and helps you to control expenditures and expenses incurred on softwares and hardware. It helps to optimize the expenditure as well as the assets, underutilized assets are reallocated to different users.

The software/tool also monitors closely your software licensing and their expiry dates so to put in reminders in right time and subsequently avoid fines and penalties. By keeping complete inventory of all the assets, it gives you a clear picture about the requirement to purchase new assets. So, by reallocating unused assets you can stand to save valuable money rather than purchasing new assets.

It also helps improve service delivery by supporting the automated review, approval and fulfillment processes for hardware and software requests. You can simply raise a request for a new asset and the concerned authority can approve thereby streamlining the entire procedure, removing the dependency on papers. (1086)

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