APPLICATION HOSTING Highly reliable hosting solutions for your application with instant upgrade features to meet your requirements!

Application Hosting

If your company is going to launch new business processes quickly and very cost effectively, Ricoh application hosting solutions can help you to host your application as required interface. Ricoh is offering best support from basic to large scale in the application hosting industries. If you want to host your application that can help reduce your time to market or grow your customer satisfaction with in very low cost and highly satisfaction with all implementation and management related issues Ricoh can help you.

When you hire Ricoh to host business applications, you gain the wide-range of application expertise and reliable e-business infrastructure that is designed to fulfill your requirements. At Ricoh, we are liable to provide best services that make our clients satisfied and they will more constraint on business rather than backed activities like hosting, managing servers and much more. Ricoh is improving itself day by day to help its customers happy.

Ricoh’s Application Hosting Features

  • Reliable infrastructure to maintain mission critical applications on time
  • Ricoh have all the latest versions of all the applications you wants to hosted with 24x7 support
  • Software upgradable as your per your requirement any time
  • Separate application and database servers for speeding-up transactions.
  • Daily backup of your important data, software and applications including customizations.
  • Strong firewall system to protection your application from any virus
  • Full software license compliance
  • Technical support over a phone call

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