Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows virtual private server is an ideal web hosting solution for small and medium business organizations that are not financially strong to purchase a dedicated server for them. Windows VPS is composite web hosting scheme wherein customers get extra security and can customize their server as per their immediate needs.

Unlike shared hosting plan, customers get dedicated server resources in VPS. VPS works on the very concept of virtualization wherein a physical server is broken down into multiple virtual servers each with defined resources.

Windows VPS offers scalability as in the customer can completely control the resources that have been allocated to the website. If the customer witnesses a sudden surge in traffic in his website, he can use his VPS account and increase the bandwidth, disk storage etc as per his needs. The primary reason why VPS is arguably the best web hosting choice for most SMB’s is because it offers identical privileges to that of a dedicated server solution at much cheaper rates. Windows VPS gets updated as and when any patches are available.

Besides, in a VPS plan the service provider would ensure maintenance and performance of the server. The cloud service provider is responsible for ensuring maximum uptime and resolving the technical issues (if any). In this way, the organization can outsource the technical responsibilities to the service provider as well as the tension associated with the maintenance of a server.

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