SAP hosting:-

SAP is probably one of the most complicated applications in the present scenario and till date, there are very few applications available in the IT industry that can surpass SAP when it comes to organizations’ dependence on applications. Quite obviously, SAP has been modified to a great extent with the constantly ongoing digital advancements, and as a result of that, users have also modified the ways in which they use it.

With the progressing years of technological innovations, companies find it difficult to figure out and invest in the right resources. One of the mission-critical applications that helps them stay ahead of the competition is SAP. This is an application that needs to be tackled with immense precision. Ricoh plays a vital role as your technology partner as we help deliver the expected results with our smart SAP hosting solutions.

Why opt for Ricoh’s SAP hosting solutions?

With a track of proven infrastructure solutions, Ricoh aims at delivering end-to-end management services for hosting applications that will optimize your SAP application environment. Our solutions enable you to integrate, customize and leverage applications as per your business requirements. The solutions we offer are supported with industry-acknowledged security and DR solutions, Ensuring mitigated risks, great flexibility, cost savings and better accessibility.


Trailblazing data centres with world-class security

Security-enabled network support with firewall and anti-virus protection

Superior-class technology in the selection of storage and server solutions

Database administration and performance management

Best-in-class platform infrastructure for delivering multiple layers of application safety

There is much more to explore with Ricoh's industry-oriented solutions that are especially designed for meeting individual business requirements. To name a few, we ensure the following to each of our clients –


SAP is undoubtedly a mission-critical ERP business application that allows organizations to enhance the business performance by establishing connection among people, businesses and information over networks. However, taking care of the SAP environment and supporting the associated technology brings forth many challenges to deal with. Some of these are –

A balanced stream of requisite technology updates that maintains technical support

Unpredictable maintenance costs that make it difficult to budget the cash flo

Intervals in skills that can result into delayed support and menace enterprise operations

Many organizations are collaborating with Ricoh to improve their SAP application environment. With quick response times, guaranteed availability of systems and a skilled team of professionals, we offer the exceptionally tailor-made support that you need in order to attain a secure, flexible and cost-effective environment. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the greatest challenges of SAP hosting –

However, at Ricoh, which is a leading name when it comes to SAP hosting service, these problems are thoroughly taken care of. With us, you get to enjoy assured security. You can store all your vital data in our data centres, based in Kolkata and New Delhi. Both of these have high level of security, and are monitored by trained, skilled and experienced professionals, round the clock.

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