What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

So you wake up to the worst possible news of a fire accident in your office having burnt down your data center and along with it, the highly invaluable information stored in it. You have by now realized that your navigation application or your e-commerce portal has been down for the last five hours. The Business Analyst says the company has already incurred a loss of $1 million while your customer care has been ringing with angry calls from the customers.

The finance team is restless because they cannot access their Tally while all the customer database, their information, financial details, transaction details, inventory, asset information won't be recovered ever again. Finally, you turn to see your phone with messages from your CEO expressing worry over this situation, however secretly hoping you can still salvage it. And then it strikes you, as an IT manager or the CIO you were responsible for being prepared for this day well in advance. The information is gone, the website is down and millions has already been lost!

Disasters are not planned; they would not have been termed so if it were. The only way to wake up and be assured of your information is a disaster recovery plan.

Most of the world's IT team experts develop a smart solution that can help to secure all the files along with important data of your company. Disaster Recovery ensures you that all of your data is safe and can be recovered within a click. Ricoh provides you with the capability to recover all your documents, which are lost by any of hardware failure, virus attack or others crashes in your data center. Each file which is submitted in the server for disaster recovery solutions are safe and secured, you don't need to be worried about any system fault. Ricoh's Disaster Recovery Services keep all your files properly secured and will be easily usable wherever you may be. We offer a secure remote access that enables your organization IT manager to recover necessary information away from your access only single click.

Ricoh's Business Disaster Recovery will not just help you manage all your data it will also provide you secure and flexible storage area. It is an investment that companies have to make in order to protect their important information. The Disaster Recovery plans are different from business to business and are based on the nature of any business. In today's life business continuity are very important to make secure your data.

Ricoh have two State-of-the-art Data Centers Facility
with the best Customer Support in India

Salient Features of Ricoh's Disaster Recovery Plan:

  • Reduce CapEx
  • DR on public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Incredibly low RPO and RTO
  • Automated recovery failover
  • Automated and regular DR drills
  • Pay-per-use DRaaS
  • Custom and Out of the Box solutions
  • Monitor your DR infrastructure and replication
  • Stringent and distinct SLA
  • DNS failover
  • Array-based replication
  • Database Replication

Ricoh’s Disaster Recovery Solutions Ensure Business Continuity

Whether it is a small, medium or large-sized enterprise, it is likely to be dependent on bulk volumes of data created on everyday basis. Some of that data can be extremely important for the survival and continuity of the business operations. A data loss can occur due to hardware failure, human error, malware or hacking and its impact could be of great significance. Hence, there is a need of backup and restoration plan for safeguarding the essential electronic information.

The creation of an impressive disaster recovery and business continuity plan is itself a complex process that involves numerous steps such as risk analysis, identification of preventive measures, developing a plan of recovery strategies, implementation and testing, and continuous maintenance to keep it updated with the current technologies. But, you don’t have to worry about any of the mentioned procedures once you outsourced services from Ricoh.

Ricoh’s DR solutions are designed considering all the issues you may have to deal with after an event of disaster. In-fact, not a single component is missed that may cause delays in maintaining continuity. All our strategies are developed intelligently to cover your loss in minimal span of time without spending a big amount of budget on the same.

  • Reliable - We believe in making trustworthy relations with clients and the key to maintain such valuable relationship is avoiding quality flaws. This reflects the reliability factor that our suite of services consists of.
  • Scalable - We work for serving your progressive needs so that you can cope up with the pace of time and technology. None of our solution is incapable of scaling as per your business requirements.
  • Robust - All our solutions are designed and developed by experienced professionals holding a sound expertise of IT domain. Their experience adds robustness to our solutions.
  • Improved Network Security - Our data centers offer state-of-the-art network security, including fully updated firewalls / IDS applications to detect and prevent unauthorized intrusions into the clients' systems. We have employed the qualified technical personnel with certifications like CCNA and MCSE to monitor the networks 24X7 and alert clients of any potential trouble.
  • Easy Disaster Recovery - We have two data centers in India, located in Kolkata and Delhi respectively. These data center are in different seismic zone. Based on the requirement of client, we can easily provide DR site.
  • Better Connectivity - In Data Centers, we have integrated the entire tier1 ISP to provide best uptime. These ISPs are in BGP routing to avoid any downtime.
  • Best Support - Our Data Centers provide managed services to the client. These services include managing the application, updating patches, OS installation. We provide 24X7 support to our clients.
  • ISO Certified - Ricoh's Data Center have ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 27001:2013 certified Infrastructure & Technical Engineering 24x7 Secure Data Center - Ricoh's Data Centers are highly secure and reliable.