Windows Cloud Hosting:-

Cloud technology allows one to access data whenever and from wherever possible with the help of internet. Data or applications are stored in a server in a remote location which is accessed through internet and not any fixed LAN or WAN. Windows cloud servers are the most frequently used since the number of users having windows operating systems are more in number compared to other operating systems like Linux or Mac OS. The various services available under cloud technology include Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers for Web hosting and also Cloud computing.

Windows server editions are easily compatible and provide very good support and uptime even under heavy traffic. Dedicated windows cloud servers are preferred by a lot of people looking for a robust and complete cloud solution. These servers run on HP, DELL or IBM hard disks with a huge computing power to support a whole organisation. More and more organizations are opting for cloud service vendors as it is hassle free and also frees up a lot of resources cutting down cost in the process. Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are instances that are used on cloud servers.

For web hosting or hosting any application online, Virtual Server on cloud is a very good option. These are lower in cost and are the perfect solution for those looking for windows cloud server solutions for applications. A vast array of user friendly products and applications have made windows the most widely used software provider and thus the cloud services also support these applications. Cloud computing services allow the user to easily scale up resources whenever required within minutes without spending money on manpower. Easily scaling up and down of resources gives a lot of flexibility to users who might need higher server resources for a short period of time.