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Public Cloud Hosting

A public cloud is a set of computers and computer network resources based on the standard cloud computing architecture, in which a service provider make resources, such as applications and storage, available to the general public over the internet. Public Clouds are beneficial over private clouds for organizations that need scalability of cloud computing as well as do not want to incur the expenses that come with private clouds. For organizations that do not deal with sensitive information but require the flexibility to scale up their server as and when required, public cloud adoption are the best way forward.

As public cloud service provider, Ricoh will ensure the best infrastructure and management with 24/7 support system to ensure maximum efficiency and security of your website. It offers various public cloud services customized to suit the needs of your organization.

Public Cloud hosting architecture
The Major Benefits of Public Cloud Hosting
  • Cost Effective: Cost effective solution since it is not as expensive as private cloud given that the cloud is accessed through a public network. Besides, the expenses incurred through unused resources are significantly reduced given that overall, the computing resources are optimized. Also, it is available in the pay-per-use model.
  • Location Independence: The availability of public cloud services through an internet connection ensures that the services are available wherever the client is located. This allows the organizations to perform various functions such as accessing their IT infra from a remote location or sharing documents among themselves.
  • Flexibility: There are a lot of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services available in the market that can be accessed over the public cloud. Moreover, your public cloud services can be integrated with private cloud computing model to creating a hybrid cloud.
  • Ultimate Scalability: In public clouds, the computing resources can be drawn from a pool of servers/resources as and when required lending ultimate scalability.
  • Reliability: They are more resilient to server failures as the resources are drawn from other virtualized servers within the physical framework.
Cloud Services That Ricoh Offers:
  • Virtual Servers: Hyper-V and VMware servers
  • Brand new infrastructure, no resource pooling
  • Low cost - pay as you use, hourly basis cost
  • E-mail on Cloud: Zimbra, MS Exchange
  • E-mail service for any budget and requirements
  • Fully Managed Data Center
Ricoh Public Cloud Services

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