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Private Cloud Hosting

Among the various examples of cloud services, private cloud is the most secure option apt for legal firms, stockbrokers and government organizations. As the name suggests it is a completely private environment with full control given to the organization. The advantage of a private cloud setup is you can draw computing resources from a pool of servers reserved exclusively for your organization through a private connection or secure encrypted connections in the public network. Another advantage of private cloud over public cloud services is that not only it ensures a high-grade security to your data, it has the ability to scale up their resources whenever required. This is beneficial for companies which experiences variable amount of traffic on their website.

As a cloud service provider, Ricoh understands that your core business needs state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise to reap maximum benefits with minimum investment. Not only does the private cloud lend them high security to their discreet data, but also offer them the ability to scale up their resources whenever required.

Private Cloud Hosting
The Major Benefits of a Private Cloud Hosting
  • High Security and Privacy: As discussed above‚ the cloud server is accessed only through the specific organization’s firewall and through encrypted connections over the public network. Alternatively, the same can also be accessed through private lease lines rather than public networks.
  • Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization: Despite the fact that private cloud costs your organization more, it eventually ends up optimizing your computing resources to the fullest, thereby curbing the expenditure incurred due to unused resources. Besides, the computing resources are easily available to the employees and improve overall productivity.
  • Improved Reliability: Private clouds are more resilient to server failures as the resources are drawn from other virtualized servers within the physical framework.
  • More Control: As the private cloud infrastructure is only accessed by a single organization, it is much more flexible and can be configured as per the requirements.
  • Cloud Bursting: Allows the provider to switch certain non-sensitive functions to a public cloud that free up more space in the private cloud for the sensitive functions that require it.
Cloud Services That Ricoh Offers:
  • Virtual Servers: Hyper-V and VMware servers
  • Brand new infrastructure, no resource pooling
  • Low cost - pay as you use, hourly basis cost
  • E-mail on Cloud: Zimbra, MS Exchange
  • E-mail service for any budget and requirements
  • Backup on Cloud at lowest cost
  • Fully Managed Data Center
Ricoh Private Cloud Offering

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