Linux Cloud Hosting:-

As more and more companies are venturing into cloud computing to save them the trouble of maintaining their own server, it is important to decide whether a Linux or Windows cloud server would best suit their business requirements.

Linux cloud services are important for the efficient maintenance of the servers and the valuable information that is exchanged within the organization as well as with the clients. Businesses, mainly small and medium, are gradually turning towards external vendors who provide dedicated cloud services to maintain, monitor and back up their servers as well as desktops/laptops.

The prime benefit that Linux cloud services offer is any new software or application developed can be seamlessly integrated with the operating system without many problems. Besides, the level of security that a linux server provides far outweighs that of a windows server thereby posing to be a more attractive option to businesses. Most clients are concerned about the security and integrity of their data that would be backed up in the vendor’s servers and hence Linux is gradually gaining pace over Windows to be a better alternative in cloud computing.

Linux servers are also much less prone to crashes, another reason why Linux cloud could soon become the first choice cloud server. Most businesses could be staring at huge losses for even an hour of downtime and hence higher guaranteed uptime is a major incentive to clients.