Which ERP Suits a University Management System Best?

Which ERP Suits a University Management System Best?


Universities and colleges, both private and government, have almost the same way of functioning. With the advent of advanced technology in the education sector, educational institutions are gradually starting to move towards automating their major procedures and recording through an ERP solution. A University Management System can be of immense help as it can bring together all major departments and functions on a single platform, thereby making the accounting and management procedures very easy.

But choosing an ERP for your institution may often be a daunting task as it involves a significantly high cost. Depending on how your institution does function, you would need to narrow down on the ideal software. Most of the University Management Systems available in the market have common features but it’s the configuration and customizability of the tool that usually becomes the differentiating factor.

So, while deciding upon your software, you need to factor the possibility of having to customize the software later on and the kind of support that the vendor promises you with on the same. It could be a minor integration with another third party software or a major customization due to an overhaul in the system, you would require the assistance of the vendor.

Some of the modules which are key essential parts of a UMS are as follows:

  1. Web Portal Management
  2. Student Management System
    • Online Registration and Admission Management
    • Online Fee Management System
    • Student Attendance Management System
    • Student Portal
      (i) Admission Management Solution
      (ii) Student Academic Record
      (iii) Student Learning Management
      (iv) Other Features
  3. Learning Management System
    • Course Management Systenm
    • Time Table Management System
    • Content Management System
  4. Examination Management System
    • Pre-Exam
    • Post Exam
  5. Campus Management Solution
    • Hostel Management
    • Stock and Purchase Management
    • Transport Management
    • Employee Management System
    • HRMS
    • Faculty Portal

Ricoh India’s University Management System (UMS) offers all the above features and more with full customization as per the customer’s needs.

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