Version Control: An Innovative Feature in a Document Management System

Version Control: An Innovative Feature in a Document Management System


Document Management Systems are so designed so that they help you manage your documents. And by the term ‘Manage’ I just don’t mean saving searching and deleting documents. With time, there has been a rapid evolution in the way technology is used to further automate your mission critical business processes and you, I am sure, won’t be an exception to that rule. By the term ‘Manage’, I mean something much more with respect to a document management system or DMS. Nowadays, there is no end to the kinds of operations you do on your documents and your DMS should be well equipped to capture and inculcate those operations. In this column, we will speak about one such enhanced feature in a Document Management System: Version Control.

Let us consider the following typical scenario which I am sure has cropped up in your workplace:  You are the team lead of a particular project and responsible for designing the solution to it. You have 3 associates under you, who are helping you in this. You have created the blueprint of the solution and now you have asked your associated to add on to it as per the functionalities. All these associates are concurrently working on the same file and saving it later in the DMS, from where you can access their work and give your comments. However, if there is no Version Control Mechanism in your DMS, there would be a high probability of data duplicity and you would not know who worked on what! Chaos will run supreme!

So now see what happens when your DMS has a proper Version Control Mechanism. Your Associate 1 works on the document and the edited file is now saved as XXX V1.0. Your Associate 2 works on the document and the edited file gets saved as XXX V2.0. So, every time someone works on that particular file, the version is changed and the entire information about that particular version like who created it, when and what were the changes he made, is captured! So, life for you is now much easier and you have the requisite information at your fingertips!

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