Understanding the Concept of Fedora Operating System

Understanding the Concept of Fedora Operating System

What is Fedora?

Fedora is an operating system which is Linux based; collection of software makes your computer run. You can use fedora instead of Windows based operating system or Mac OS. Fedora is based on Graphical User Interface unlike windows OS, easy to access and work on fedora OS.

fedora-operating-systemThe Fedora Project is name of worldwide community of people who loves, use and builds free software. Fedora is an Open Source Operating System; anyone can edit code/architecture and make new customized Operating system, software’s.

Fedora is sponsored by Red Hat, worlds most open source software provider. Red Hat invest all new features on fedora before launch any new Operating System, software in Red Hat Operating System, Software.

What makes Fedora different?

Everyone knows the value of free and open source software, operating systems, fedora full fill all feature of open source community. In Red Hat Operating system yum package manager is available in paid version but in Fedora yum feature are available, many more features are free available those are paid in Red Hat operating system. Red Hat comes in server edition but Fedora available in server as well as Desktop version. Fedora operating system runs on mostly hardware those support 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.


Fedora has a reputation for focusing innovation, integrating new technologies early on and working closely with upstream Red Hat/Linux communities. Before add/change new features in Linux/Red Hat upstream OS, Specifically in Fedora ensures that the changes are available to all Linux Distributions.

The default desktop in Fedora is the GNOME desktop Environment and the default interface is the Gnome Shell. Other desktop environments are also available but needs it to be installed like as KDE, Xfce, LXDE, MATE and Cinnamon.


Fedora comes up with lots of installed software like LibreOffice and Firefox. Additional software such as are available from software repositories and can be installed using yum or dnf. Package manager also available from graphical interfaces such as, GNOME software.

Additional, extra software repositories can be added so that software not available in fedora can installed. Also you can use source code/third party to install any additional software’s.

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