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Brief Detail about Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

There are several deployment model of cloud like Community, Distribute, Inter-cloud and multi-cloud. But we can classified cloud into three major category private, hybrid and public and if we compare public, hybrid and private clouds at multiple level of security and management are required. In public cloud infrastructure are provided on off-site over internet and […]


Emerging Trends of Cloud Technology in 2014

Over the last year and a half, during our interactions with the CXO’s of top organizations across the world, I have come to realize how they have started using at least one cloud platform. With every passing day, cloud computing is regarded as the new step in hosting technology and has become an integral part […]


Experience Liberal Data Management with Completely Safe Private Cloud Services

In the era of cut-throat competition, every organization wants to stay ahead with the best services to target maximum traffic that will maintain a positive growth in their productivity standards. Providing efficient services involves operating numerous applications over a particular period of time such as performing heavy-duty computations, delivering personalized data, maintaining a financial portfolio […]


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