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Security Concerns Of Cloud Computing And How To Deal With Those

Over the past few years, a large number of small and medium businesses have moved to cloud computing and there are significant reasons for such a big move. Keeping the wide range of benefits that one may avail by opting for cloud based solutions, business owners prefer to move to these models. No matter whether […]


Hybrid Cloud Gives You the Best of both Public and Private Cloud

In order to understand hybrid cloud and the true power it wields, we must first understand the benefits of both private and public cloud separately. Only then can the true meaning of hybrid cloud be realized. Private Cloud: There are a lot of CIOs, especially of large MNCs, who are paranoid about data security. They […]


How Personal Clouds are changing Workplace IT?

Personal Clouds are still a fairly new concept which remains unexplored to a large extent. There are multiple types of cloud computing: public, private and hybrid. In a public setup, the applications or programs are hosted on a wide pool of physical resources thereby lending flexibility and scalability to your infrastructure. In a public cloud, […]


Brief Detail about Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

There are several deployment model of cloud like Community, Distribute, Inter-cloud and multi-cloud. But we can classified cloud into three major category private, hybrid and public and if we compare public, hybrid and private clouds at multiple level of security and management are required. In public cloud infrastructure are provided on off-site over internet and […]


Emerging Trends of Cloud Technology in 2014

Over the last year and a half, during our interactions with the CXO’s of top organizations across the world, I have come to realize how they have started using at least one cloud platform. With every passing day, cloud computing is regarded as the new step in hosting technology and has become an integral part […]


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