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Why Should You Host ERP On Cloud?

Every business, irrespective of its size and the industry it caters to, always looks for the probable ways to cut costs. Whether it’s hiring in-house resources instead of outsourcing or implementing state of the art infrastructure, businesses are constantly trying out new ways to improve the level of customer service. At the same time, they […]


ERP Hosting is the Powerful Way To Maximize Your ROI

ERP is the big daddy of all IT applications. And why shouldn’t be? It manages and tracks all the financial transactions within the organization. There are many enterprise level ERP solutions in the market. The most reputed amongst them is probably SAP. Now, managing this application is not a very easy task. ERPs are robust […]


Benefits of ERP Hosting on cloud

If your business is considering a move to the cloud, here are four benefits of ERP cloud hosting: 1. Lower Upfront Investment Costs As opposed to traditional on premise ERP solutions, cloud based ERP solutions do not come that expensive. On site solution requires a high investment on hardware, software licensing etc which is not […]