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Ricoh’s HIMS: A Complete Solution For Healthcare Activities and Services

HIMS or Hospital Information Management System is a nerve center for Hospitals these days. What an ERP is to finance, HIMS is to Hospitals. No matter how big the hospital is or what is it’s core functionality, HIMS is the lifeline for them. HIMS offers end to end solution for hospitals. There are no ends […]


Hospital Information Management System: Refining Operational Structures of Healthcare Establishments

No industry left unaffected by technology! People belonging to different organizations and working in different job profiles find it easier to manage their day-to-day job functions with the advent of application software. The data-intensive such as hospitals can call software programs a boon. It cannot be denied that every industry has its own requirements to […]


Cloud ERP: Driving Innovation and Leveraging Global Accessibility

Are you among the business owners who are disappointed with the upkeep, costs and headaches of traditional methods of ERP implementations? You probably not checked out the Cloud ERP that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of today’s borderless organizations. As most of the business processes have extended far beyond the boundaries, it […]