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Disaster Recovery and High Availability for Virtual Servers

Virtual server’s has been around in the industry more than a decade but still considered as the “New” technology. But those who have already implemented this technology in their infrastructure known the benefits of it and can’t live without it. Server Virtualization has been a game changing technology for information technology providing the efficiency, capabilities […]


Dawn of Managed Hosting Services

Cloud computing is changing the way the business works, now small businesses are equipped with greater computing power and can get a flexibility to scale up the resources, up-to-date  IT infrastructure with minimal or no direct management, allowing then to focus on their core business. Now with this young invention, a new segment is introduced […]


Brief Overview of Dedicated Server Hosting

Web hosting business is growing and expected to grow continuously in future. Organizations are getting aware of web hosting and their benefits. Basically there are three types of web hosting dedicated server hosting, shared hosting and Virtual server hosting. Dedicated hosting is something where client rents a Server which is not share with anyone else […]


Experience Liberal Data Management with Completely Safe Private Cloud Services

In the era of cut-throat competition, every organization wants to stay ahead with the best services to target maximum traffic that will maintain a positive growth in their productivity standards. Providing efficient services involves operating numerous applications over a particular period of time such as performing heavy-duty computations, delivering personalized data, maintaining a financial portfolio […]


Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in India

Whenever we approach a Data Center Service provider we are given a lot of options to choose from. In servers we are offered Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Cloud Servers and Shared Servers.