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Investing in a dedicated server? Here is a brief checklist to follow!

The benefits of using a dedicated server for a business which involves running a lot of websites and applications are plenty. With this kind of a server, you don’t need to share the power and bandwidth of the server with other websites or applications. A dedicated server helps ensure fast performance of all the applications […]


Magento Hosting: A Secret for Happy Client Base

Online shopping is one of the most revolutionary trends that have gained popularity within a very minimal span of time. Looking at a deeper perspective, there are different e-commerce shopping carts that have brought ease to the entire scenario of online shopping. One of them is Magento. It helped empowering lot of small and large […]


Dawn of Managed Hosting Services

Cloud computing is changing the way the business works, now small businesses are equipped with greater computing power and can get a flexibility to scale up the resources, up-to-date  IT infrastructure with minimal or no direct management, allowing then to focus on their core business. Now with this young invention, a new segment is introduced […]