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Is Colocation Right For Your Business?

With each passing day, our reliance on technology grows, and more and more data is used every day.  And, with colocation, the companies can store some or all their data and hardware at an off-site location. It provides the security feature of a commercial data center without having to incur staffing and infrastructure expenses. Now, […]


Top Reasons You Should Invest in Remote Infrastructure Management Services

If you are running a business that belongs to the IT industry, you must be careful about providing all your customers with top notch services. Maintaining a competitive edge in your business is what you should always focus on since this is what will help you fulfill all the requirements of your customers in the […]


Can Data Centres Work In The Line Of Triple Bottom Line Framework Of Your Company?

“Sustainable Development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to fulfill their needs” The revolutionary Agenda 21 of the Rio declaration has changed the course of future, when more than 178 countries has agreed to promote this concept at various levels: local, regional, national […]


Optimizing Data Center Performance Through Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is a very essential part of Data Center management as it predicts the optimal location for rack based IT equipment and physical infrastructure based on the requirement and availability of physical infrastructure and capacity. With the demand for data center services growing rapidly, ideal planning will help in avoiding tricky situations and sudden […]


Brief Overview of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

DCIM refers to the class of solutions that were made to develop the conventional data center management capacity to incorporate the majority of the physical assets and resources that are found in the facilities and IT domains. DCIM deployments will incorporate IT and office management within a certain time frame to centralize monitoring, controlling and […]


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