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Ricoh Cloud Services

Cloud has brought a paradigm shift in the way business used to operate. The essence of cloud computing is you can have access to your data through the internet at any point of time in the world wherever you are. With growing quantum of data and the need for anywhere access, cloud has become an […]


Types of Cloud Computing Service Models

Cloud computing has been the buzzword for almost a decade now. But what is cloud computing? At its most basic, cloud computing is similar to renting or outsourcing computing resources like servers, drives, networking gear, etc. Instead of owning computing hardware and software, companies can outsource the same from a cloud service provider.   As […]


Top 4 Tools To Ask For While Investing In A Cloud Solution

In the present era, it’s not a big deal for enterprises to opt for cloud computing solutions. In fact, this is quite obvious since there are countless benefits of storing data in the cloud. However, when business owners decide to move certain IT functions to the cloud server or a managed environment, monitoring the infrastructure […]


Hybrid Cloud Gives You the Best of both Public and Private Cloud

In order to understand hybrid cloud and the true power it wields, we must first understand the benefits of both private and public cloud separately. Only then can the true meaning of hybrid cloud be realized. Private Cloud: There are a lot of CIOs, especially of large MNCs, who are paranoid about data security. They […]


How to Secure Cloud Server Deployment?

With the world gradually moving towards a cloud server deployment, more and more questions would be asked about the security that it offers. How secure is the cloud? The economical and other associated benefits that comes with cloud computing has been already proven and is there to be seen for everyone. But there needs an […]


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