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Ricoh Cloud Services

Cloud has brought a paradigm shift in the way business used to operate. The essence of cloud computing is you can have access to your data through the internet at any point of time in the world wherever you are. With growing quantum of data and the need for anywhere access, cloud has become an […]


Security Concerns Of Cloud Computing And How To Deal With Those

Over the past few years, a large number of small and medium businesses have moved to cloud computing and there are significant reasons for such a big move. Keeping the wide range of benefits that one may avail by opting for cloud based solutions, business owners prefer to move to these models. No matter whether […]


What Are The Capabilities Of A High End Private Cloud Model?

With the passing years, the cloud has established itself as a proven delivery model for businesses of all sizes. Enterprises have now realized the agility and efficiency of cloud environment. With the technology getting matured with every passing day, organizations plan to extend the cloud deployments. For instance, they are ready to check out the […]


Top 6 Cloud Myths And The Correct Perceptions Behind Those

By now, cloud is popular among SMBs as well as large scale enterprises. The adoption rate of cloud computing among business owners has increased remarkably, over the past decade. Businesses of every type are impacted by the wide range of benefits of cloud computing to a great extent. Well, there are significant reasons behind a […]


Factors That You Should Consider Before Investing In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, undoubtedly, is the rescuer for almost every business these days. With the constantly increasing cost of onsite data storage solutions, gradually it’s becoming quite tough for the business owners of small as well as large scale enterprises. In a scenario like this, cloud computing services seems to be the most feasible solution. Companies […]


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