Step by Step Process of Search Engine Optimization

Step by Step Process of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization involves a series of evaluation and procedures, which results good if perform in a right manner and can be hurt your website if not followed in a right manner. It has its own importance, so a professional SEO can only do the best result oriented.

Step-by-step process of SEO includes:

  • Business & Website Analysis: A thorough website analysis is the first step to start SEO to know what your website actually have, what it is needed. All the site issues and health are analyzed in this step. Business & website analysis will help you to understand the website better so you can actually understand the theme of the site on which it is basically developed.
  • Keyword Research & Assessment: Keyword research is performed to evaluate the competition and searches on the keywords. With the help of keyword research tools and Google keyword planner, some other keyword ideas are also provided to be worked on.
  • Competitor Website Research & analysis: It is worth to keep an eye on your competitors to know what they are doing to keep yourself a step ahead.
  • On-site Optimization & content creation: It is one of the most important step, in which we make changes on our website to make it search engine friendly. Content is the king of every website and hence it has its own importance. For high and stable ranking you must have to share unique, informative and relevant content.
  • Directory & Sitemap Submission: Directory and sitemap submission is to make search engine well known to your websites, so that crawler can easily get the way to come on your site and crawl each and every link.
  • Article Creation & Submission: Create newsworthy, unique and relevant content to boost your website visibility in search engines and submit the content to different article submission sites, blogs, press release and other sites to share your content. But remember to submit the content only to relevant sites in relevant category as well.
  • Social bookmarking & Social networks: This is the step that helps your site to get more exposure to the world through social networks, which is also known as SMO (social media optimization), sharing relevant and useful content on social sites (such as Facebook, twitter etc.) is helpful to get traffic and brand popularity among people.
  • Assessment & Monitoring: Keep monitoring your website ranking time-to-time and also monitor through Google Analytics and Webmasters to know about your websites requirements, health issues, website traffic, errors and warnings, visitors, goals and so on.


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