SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database software that can be used to perform a broad range of data migration tasks.
SSIS is a platform for data integration and workflow application. It is a fast and flexible data warehousing tool that is used for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL).
It was first released with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as Data Transformation Services and then replaced by SSIS.

Following Concepts include in SSIS:
•    Packages
•    Control Flow
•    Data Flow
•    Connection Managers
•    Package Configurations
•    Property Expressions
•    Data Sources and Data Source Views

  • A package presents a unit of work that addresses few business requirements. The package is the SSIS object that you save, run or manage. In SQL Server 2005 Integration Services introduces the concepts of control flow and data flow.
  • A control flow consists of the tasks and the containers. The tasks perform specific type of work such as executing SQL statements or sending email messages and the containers define repeating subsets of the control flow or group subsets of the control flow to make the package easier to manage. The containers and tasks are usually connected by precedence constraint that specify the sequence in which tasks and containers are executed and the conditions that must be satisfied to run the next task or container in the control flow.
  • A data flow consists of sources that extract data, transform that modify data and the destinations that load the data into data stores.
  • To connect to the data stores package use connection managers. We define the connection managers when you create the package. The Integration Services creates a connection at run time. When you make a package you configure properties of the connection managers, data flow and control flow items in the package as well as the package itself.
  • Package configurations make it possible to dynamically update the properties at run time. A configuration is a name or value pair that maps a property and a value.
  •  You can set property values of packages and the packages objects in two different ways: – directly by setting the value of each property or indirectly by using property expression. An expression mapped to a property is known as property expression.A data source is a connection reference that you create and save outside a package and then use as a source when adding new connection managers to a package. A data source represent a simple connection to a data store and therefore makes all views and tables in the data store available to the package.
  • A data source view is built on a data source. It contains only selected database objects and it can be extended with calculated columns that are populated by custom expressions, new relationships between queries and tables. You can apply a filter to a data source view to specify a subset of the data selected. In Integration Services data sources views and data source are saved within the package definitions of the packages in which they are used.

SSIS is a platform used to perform data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL).

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