Ricoh’s HIMS: A Complete Solution For Healthcare Activities and Services

Ricoh’s HIMS: A Complete Solution For Healthcare Activities and Services

HIMS or Hospital Information Management System is a nerve center for Hospitals these days. What an ERP is to finance, HIMS is to Hospitals. No matter how big the hospital is or what is it’s core functionality, HIMS is the lifeline for them.

HIMS offers end to end solution for hospitals. There are no ends to the modules which you can develop for HIMS.

Hospital Information Management System

Let’s have a look at some of the most important modules:

  1. Billing: This module is responsible for taking care of all the billing cycles and payments in the hospitals.
  2. Pharmacy: This module is responsible for managing the pharmacy of the hospitals.
  3. Registration: All patient registrations are managed centrally with the help of this software.
  4. Finance: All financial transactions are routed, checked and accessed through the HIMS.
  5. OPD and IPD: Out Patient and In Patient Department can be checked through these particular modules.

Apart from these modules, there are various other modules which can be used to view reports, do corrective analysis and take appropriate actions. These modules are Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Radiology etc.

Another very important and unique offering of the HIMS suite is the Blood Bank Module, which manages the inventory, inflow and outflow of the blood bank of the hospital.
HIMS comes in all ranges and can be fitted as per your exact requirement. This is the best part of it, for sure!

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