PostGreSql Server Hosting & MySql Server Hosting

PostGreSql Server Hosting & MySql Server Hosting

PostGre Server Hosting:

cloudpostgre_server_hostingThe world of databases has seen an interesting and intriguing evolution over the period of time. Big Moguls in the IT industry have come up with their versions of databases for various application and functionalities. In the world of open source, MySql has been ruling the roost for a very long time now. The major Content Management Systems prevalent in the market today use MySql in the backend as default. However, after Oracle bought off MySql from SUN Microsystems, it’s interest on the later was that on vested lines. The developer of MySql forked the original source code to come up with a new database called Maria DB. Simultaneously, another team of voluntary professionals came up with another new database called PostGreSql, which is actually closer in likeliness to Oracle’s database. In large production houses, PostGreSql database is the need of the hour!

So, the importance of this database in terms of its functionality is well established. Hosting such a mission critical application is not an easy task. Problem with most hosting companies with respect to PostGreSql is that they will provide you with the database on requirement and even integrate it with a CMS if needed, but can’t provide the adequate support. Most of the hosting companies don’t have the requisite expertise to support. So, it’s very important you do your homework properly before venturing out on a journey to embark upon a hosting company to host your PostGreSql. You should have a good and thorough look into the background of the company and particularly into the background of the support staff and see for yourself if they have the adequate experience and know how to take care of your requirement. After all, as they say, prevention is always better than cure!

MySql Server Hosting

The world of Open Source is dominated by MySql today. There is no iota of doubt about mysqlthat. When it comes to Open Source or many other major platforms, LAMP (Linux Apache MySql PHP) is the mantra for the day. WordPress, Jhoomla and other major CMS use MySql in the back end. No wonder than, hosting a MySql database is one of the prime and frequent challenges for the various hosting companies.

Just to put things in perspective, MySql is the database which was originally designed by SUN Microsystems and later was acquired by Oracle. All linux based applications primarily use MySql database in the back end.

So, when it comes to hosting your MySql Database, it’s of paramount important that you know what you are getting into. It’s always better to go with a hosting company who has trained and dedicated work force for MySql Server Hosting. SUN or Oracle Certified Engineers and Support Staff will have an edge over normal support team. They know the database thoroughly and also the knitty gritty of it. So, when it comes to hosting also they have the expertise to manage your database and take care of all sorts of various troubleshooting.

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