Introduction To SQL

Introduction To SQL

Many years ago, all the work was managed in hard copies. Hard copies were difficult to manage and store physically. The changes of damage, lost and manipulation were very high. Then in computer generation, computer programs like excel, spreadsheet were launched which made life very easier. It was quite easy to store data in computer and had its advantages over the manual activity.

Microsoft then moved to next level and introduced Microsoft Access which was a database tool and became very popular for users. The proper making of tables, databases and queering them was easy.

Then a specialized, efficient database solution was introduced named SQL (structured Query Language) It was very easy for managing heavy, large data. Filtered output was made easy which helped the users and their business a lot.

I will be sharing some basics of SQL which will help you understand SQL on ground level and will be handy for a beginner.

1.     Version History:-


2.     How to connect server:-


3.     How to Open Database:-


4.     How to query tables:-

Syntax of Select:-

Select * from table name

We can take data from different table according our requirement,  filter output according requirement in different field and join two tables capture data in single result. Also we can create small program (Procedures) to use this procedure we can take data any time without create a query.


The article talks about only basics but it can be very useful for the beginners. It is very hard to find a beginner article as the web is full of pro-stuff on the topics. SQL is widely used solution for database solution and spreading more and more.

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