Integrated Infrastructure Solutions: A Boon to Indian Enterprises

Integrated Infrastructure Solutions: A Boon to Indian Enterprises


Revolution in technology has sprawl the opportunities across the nation and It is like IT movement and every enterprise whether it is government, public sector or private are leveraging IT infrastructure. Robustness in governance can be assured by utilization and implementation of IT Infrastructure, for example if government want to broadcast any educational video’s in remote area of country obviously they require robust infrastructure for broadcasting in another words we can say that broadcasting in context of IT is a rendezvous of space and Terrestrial communication, Cloud computing and another IT elementary technology, Indeed Indian enterprises of different domain utilizing IT infra.  These things are very common or generic deployment but also there are very complex deployments to drive their business and leveraging growth inclusively.

Notion behind to deploy IT infrastructure to get exponential dividends simply, there are several business model over IT such as Software Development, Communication services over IP, web hosting, Video  streaming.

Indian organization/ Enterprises has become world leader in field of IT services, there has been viral out break  and become world large service market in  BPO and KPO, BFSI sector. By discussing some examples we can justifying the title of this article,  lets take an example Essar group in MNC  and headquartered in Mumbai,  there presence in many sectors and they were facing one big and tough challenge of real time analysis  and also they are crunching there data in TB . To overcome this problem they evaluated numerous solution platforms and finally they picked up Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with SAP HANA and this bring dramatically improvement in application response time robust performance and high capacity.

This implementation helped in decision making with high precision and user friendly format. Also this solution improved, forecasting, existing planning, pricing optimization process. In This way Indian organization leveraging existing IT infrastructure.

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