How To Install WordPress On Cpanel Hosted Domains

How To Install WordPress On Cpanel Hosted Domains

WordPress is open source content management software (CMS). This is based on PHP and MySql, which runs on web hosting services. WordPress is most popular blogging software in the world.

WordPress Features:

 Themes: WordPress users can switch themes. Theses allow users to change functionality and look of a WordPress. PHP, HTML, & CSS found in themes, can be added, edited with advanced features.

 Plugins: One popular feature of WordPress it is Plugins based architecture, which allow to developer and users to extend its feature beyond core installation.

 Multi User and multi-blogging:  Prior of WordPress 3.0, support one blog per installation. Multiple concurrent copies can run from different directories if configured to use separate database. WordPress also support multiple blog in a single installation.

 Mobiles:  Native applications exist for Webos, iOS, Android, iPhone, etc. which include adding new blog posts and pages.

 Other features: WordPress also support/features integrated link management as search engine friendly. Also support multi categories of articles.

Follow Below Steps to Install the WordPress:

 1:  Create A cpanel shared Setup.

2:  Download WordPress on your local machine from below URL:

3:  Login into cpanel.

4:  Click on “File Manager”.

5:  Click on upload >> browse >> select and upload WordPress zip file from your local machine to “public_html” on cpanel site.

6:  Uncompress WordPress .Zip file and Move all folders and files in “public_html” directory from “WordPress” folder after uncompress (One Upper Level)

7:  After above step go into Cpanel.

8:  Click MySql Database Wizard icon under the Databases section.

9:  Create a Database and Database user and add the same Database user   to Database follows the below steps to do the same:

1: Create Database: Enter Database Name and click on “Create  Database”

2: Create Database User: Enter Name of user for Database and Click on “Create User”

3: Add user to Database: Select user and Database and click on “Add” button.

10: Now click on “Home” Button and Search and Go in “File Manager” >>“public_html”

11: Rename “wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php”.

12: Open “wp-config.php” and define Database name, Database user, and Password >> save file.

13: Open URL to start post installation of WordPress, share Database Information and set new WordPress admin password here.


14: Finally WordPress Installation is done.

15: Now Access WordPress blog URL: or

16: WordPress Admin Login Details are blog URL with “wp-login.php”, use Admin login details which is created at installation time.


Post Task:

After installation of WordPress Delete WordPress zipped file from “Public_html”.

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