How RPASS Backup Works?

How RPASS Backup Works?

rpass-backupRPASS takes an initial full backup image which includes user data and all configuration data. The image is stored locally on an Appliance. After the initial backup, incremental snapshots are taken; all data is securely replicated to cloud storage.



Backup images can be:

• Restored to original, replacement or temporary hardware

• Instantly mounted as a network share

• Accessed in a virtual instance – onsite or offsite

The Rpass Backup is agent-based architecture.

The Rpass  comprises the Rpass server with  managed machines. The Rpass Backup  allows scope:

●Machines running Rpass Backup & Replication ( backup servers)

●VMware and Hyper-V VMs protected with Rpass Backup & Replication

Rpass monitors Rpass backup servers and protected VMs with the help of Rpass agents — light-weight components deployed inside the managed machines. Each agent collects information from the host machine and communicates it to the Rpass server. The Rpass Backup Add-on on the Rpass server translates collected data into the summary dashboard, views, reports and alarms.Rpass-Back-up

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