How Archiving Helps in Document Storage?

How Archiving Helps in Document Storage?

archivingThe most important asset for any organization, be it a small scale business or a multi-national corporation, is the information that they have to deal with. Till date, most of the organizations keep their information in the form of paper files and only a small percentage of business organizations have installed a digitization/document management system in their office so as to get rid of all the hard copies of documents and convert them into searchable digital files.

Unlike in the case of paper files, digital documents can be reproduced to create multiple copies of the same document without any additional costs (printing, paper charges etc) except storage expenses.

In government offices or law firms, it is highly important for them to preserve every little piece of information that they have for future reference. However, case studies which are decades old may not be required frequently for reference and hence it only becomes sensible to ‘archive’ those documents. This helps in reducing expenses pertaining to storage significantly.

Let us consider the example of a law firm which has files, documents which are decades old. Now these paper files are highly important as well as confidential, information that needs to be safely preserved and stored for future reference. Archiving becomes a very essential solution for organizations like these where documents are aplenty, confidential as well as the most valuable asset of the organization.

Having all the documents of your organization stored in the primary storage is not a feasible solution given the fact that is far more expensive than other secondary storage devices like tape drives, CD, DVD or external hard disk drives. Therefore, documents which are not required frequently can be transferred into portable media.

The ‘archiving’ option in your document management system allows you to save documents in the secondary storage device (with low rpm) while saving recent/most frequently used documents in the primary memory of your server.

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