Five Things to Know About RicohDocs

Five Things to Know About RicohDocs

1.  Can metatags be added to the documents?

Ans –  RicohDocs allows its users to create specific document and sub document types as per the requirements of the person working on it. For example, if an ‘invoice’ document type doesn’t already exist; you can create it yourself by going to documents -> settings -> configuration -> document types.
Further, you can also specify multiple sub-document types (documents -> settings -> configuration -> sub-document types) corresponding to the document type you have just created and add optional fields for the different sub-document types. For example, you can add optional fields like Document ID, Document Family, Family Reference, and Document Generation Date etc. for ‘xyz’ sub-document type. So, while running a document retrieval search, you can use the metadata you had just created yourself to perform the action.
Therefore, every time you upload a document belonging to that particular sub-document type, you can enter the values against the optional fields you have just created yourself. In other words, tags and metadata that you would want for specific document/sub-document types are completely customizable as per the immediate requirements of the user.
Alternatively, if you want we can customize the software further so that you wouldn’t have to create them as it would already exist.

2.  Can the tags be picked up from an excel sheet which we are maintaining at the time of scanning rather than manually being entered at the time of importing to the DMS?

Ans – We already support Excel Sheet Import feature wherein the metafields will be automatically fed as the documents are uploaded into the RicohDocs server.

3.  Can the folder/sub folder structure be customized?

Ans – Yes, the folder/sub folder structure is completely customizable. You can create n number of folders/sub-folders as per your needs.

4.  Clarity between user and administrator rights?

Ans – User types can be created or deleted as per the needs of the organization. For example, you have created a user type ‘normal’ and the rights that he would have in RicohDocs depends on the privileges that he has been assigned to. The ‘admin’ type user would have a host of other rights that a normal user would not have while the ‘Super Admin’ will have complete access to the back-end administration of RicohDocs.

5.  Is folder access control available to the admin?

Ans – Yes, complete control is available. The admin can control the security of individual folder/sub-folder but primarily the security exists on the folder level.

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