A Manual to Learning Management System (LMS)

A Manual to Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System by Ricoh IndiaPeople’s lives have changed considerably over the years and it is nothing like what it used to be what it was years back. With the advent of advanced technology in almost every sphere of life, people’s lives have become much easier. From peeling potatoes to sharing information with someone across the globe, technology has become a key component of our day to day life. However, it becomes even more important now to distinguish between important technology and not so important ones.

Education has not been left untouched by technology with it being widely influenced with the rapid advancements experienced in this particular segment.

eLearning has become a widely popular mode of education on today’s world since it is imparted through internet, which has become an inseparable part of our lives. Internet rules our lives today, with almost every kind of information being made available with just a click. The students are taught and they study online while being closely monitored, regularly assessed by the learning management system.

The learning management system is not just restricted to educational institutes but are also extensively used by corporate organizations. From colleges and universities to coaching institutes, learning management systems are used to impart e-classes and training to students spread across a wide geography. Even corporates have started to use a learning management system to impart training to their existing employees and interns, who would be future employees.

The teaching and education industry has greatly advanced over the years and with the dawn of internet, eLearning has considerably revolutionized today’s education.
From reading the latest news to appearing for entrance exams, from taking correspondence classes to collaborating with researches worldwide, internet has made the world a small place to live in. Despite the advancements, one always has to admit that there remains a huge room for improvement for learning management systems and how they are used in today’s society.

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