A Manual on Cloud Security

A Manual on Cloud Security


Cloud Security or security as a service is sub domain of network security, system or computer security or bunch of technologies, controls and policies deployed to protect applications, data which associated with cloud computing infrastructure.

Security Measure concern with the cloud

Many organization use cloud computing in variety of different deployment models (public, hybrid and private) and service model (SaaS, Paas, and IaaS). There are several security issues which associated with cloud but it includes in major two broad areas and that is security issues faced by cloud providers and security issues faced by customer end, so provider has taken adequate measures and at the users end strong password and authentication measure required.

Performance of cloud security architecture is depend upon defensive implementations and efficiency of cloud security architecture should be depend on security management and controls.

Security Controls provides protection from any weakness in the system and effects of an attack reduced. Generally many types of controls behind a cloud security architecture and mainly we divide in to four categories that is Corrective, Deterrent, Detective and Preventive controls.

Generally cloud security controls vulnerabilities and its impacts and cloud security concerns can be integrate with any number of dimensions and it could be identified many area of concern, but mainly Security and privacy, Compliance and Legal and contractual issues.

Security and privacy which includes identity management, personnel and Physical security, Privacy, Availability and Application Security and Legal issues and Compliance concern with various laws and amendments pertain to use of data and its protection laws, including privacy, Business Continuity and Data Recovery PlansĀ  (BCP).

By producing Audit Trails and Logs customers to ensure that these audit trails and logs are secured and in this way we can protect our cloud infrastructure with vulnerabilities, threats and its impacts.

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