Endpoint Security

Sometimes only having a high-end network security is not enough. More complex the network is, more vulnerable it is for attacks at various levels. Increasingly organizations are improving on their network security, ignoring the weakness most crackers pounce upon: access points. Expanded networks with multiple user stations, servers, peripherals and access points are more vulnerable to such targeted attacks; and hence endpoint security becomes as important as network security to ensure no security lapses from top to bottom of your network infrastructure.

Anti-virus software and firewalls can only be effective at ground level; you need more. Hence Ricoh provides a host of endpoint security systems with features ranging from disk encryption to data leakage prevention software, so that your network develops to be foolproof from future attacks and theft.

Antivirus – It is software which is used to identify and remove computer viruses, malware, rootkits, malicious adware, spyware and so on and so forth.

Data Leakage Prevention – Just as network DLP work on a network, endpoint DLP runs on end-user workstations and controls the flow of information between different individual users or groups. It also helps in controlling communication and instant messaging between two users within the network.

Full disk encryption – Full Disk Encryption Software provides automatic security for all information on endpoint hard drives, including user data, operating system files and temporary and erased files. For maximum data protection, multi-factor pre-boot authentication ensures user identity, while encryption prevents data theft.

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